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Semi-Power Products

SiC / GaN SBD Schottky Barrier Diode and MOSFET Products



SBD Schottky Barrier Diode

Symbol VRRM IF IFSM RthJ-C PD TJ,max Technology Package  
Partnumber Reverse Voltage Forward Current Non-repetitive peak
forward current
Thermal Resistance Power Dissipation   Si / SiC / Gan   Download Datasheets
EL-SS00865JA 650V 8A 74A 1.51°C/W 93W 175°C SiC TO-252-3L details
EL-SF01065JA 650V 10A 90A 1.30°C/W 78W 175°C SiC TO-220-2L details
EL-SB050120JA 1200V 50A 300A 0.20°C/W 500W 175°C SiC TO-247-2L details



Symbol Channel Type RDSon VDSmin VGS ID TJmax RthJ-C PD Technology Package  
Partnumber N/P Channel Drain-Source
Drain-Source Gate-Source
Thermal Resistance Power-
Si / SiC / Gan  
EL-PSR4810AP P 480mOhm -100V +/- 25V -5A 150°C 4.5°C/W 27W Si TO-252-3L details
EL-MNR04120PA N 40mOhm 1200V - 4 ~ 18V 55A 175°C 0.40°C/W 288W SiC TO-247-3L details
EL-MKR02120XA N 20mOhm 1200V - 4 ~ 18V 100A 175°C 0.20°C/W 465W SiC TO-247-4L details
EL-MKR04120XA N 40mOhm 1200V - 4 ~ 20V 55A 175°C 0.40°C/W 223W SiC TO-252-3L details



Everlight Offer for SiC/GaN SBD and MOSFET

100 % manufactured in Taiwan
100 % manufactured in Taiwan

-Taiwan Fabless Chip Design Partner

-Taiwan SiC / GaN Waferfab Partner

-Packaging Backend at EVERLIGHT Tong-Luo Factory ( Taiwan )

-Production capacity reservation

-Die safety stock

-Customization welcome

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